Our Work

HARRC offers support, referrals and resources to individuals experiencing racism. HARRC offers telephone and in-person support by drop-in or appointment.

We recognize that reporting incidents of racism can often be stressful, frustrating and emotionally traumatic and deciding whether to share your story is a personal choice. We acknowledge that reporting acts of racism and discriminating can be especially frightening for victims for fear of retaliation. Rest assure that reporting to the HARRC is bound to strict privacy and confidentiality protocols, therefore, your communication with HARRC is highly secured. We respect the security and private information gathered from our community while we continuously aim to advocate for civic inclusivity through your narratives. We strive to address racism by capturing statistical data to raise consciousness at the community level to give voice to those who have been silenced. Through personal discourse, we can begin to commit an investment in the plight of social justice in Hamilton.

Our Mision

To serve as Hamilton anti-racism database and a resource centre where individuals impacted by racism and other forms of race-related oppression can access support, guidance, and referrals

Our Vision

To serve as a hub where data of individual experiences of racism can be captured confidentially while providing support and identifying gaps in resources that will help provide better anti-racism strategy in Hamilton and Canada.

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HRCC Launch, 2018

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