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Because your race or ethnicity

If you have been discriminated against because of your race or ethnicity, you have the option of speaking to the anti-racism lead. You can talk to them about what happened and receive information about what your options are and how to access more support. The anti-racism lead will be able to help you understand your options and give you an overview of the next steps you may consider taking.

Know how to challenge them

If you experience racism, it is important to know that you are not overreacting. Acts of everyday racism known as micro aggressions might seem small and inconsequential but when they are recognized, it is important to know how to challenge them.

You are not obligated to deal with racism

If you experience a micro aggression or a form of blatant racial hostility, the safest option may be to remove yourself from that space. You are not obligated to engage with a person or persons who challenge your safety. You are also not obligated to accept or deal with racism simply to minimize other people's discomfort. If you chose to engage, it's important to point out exactly why their words or actions are problematic. For example, this may look like saying that what they said is offensive and unacceptable or identifying that what they said is rooted in racist stereotypes.

Report and document the incident

If you are in an environment where you don't feel comfortable or feel supported enough to challenge the individual/s, for example at work, you may choose to report them to a supervisor. You may also consider documenting the incident. If your supervisor is being overtly racist or you feel as though you are being treated differently because of your race, you may choose to speak to them in private about what you have witnessed and what your concerns are. If you think speaking to them directly would result in negative consequences for you, you may need to speak to the next level of authority. This could be your supervisor’s manager and/or human resources. Where possible, consider emailing your exchanges or documenting conversations after each interaction.

Next Steps...

  • Connect with Anti-Racism Manager
  • Share your experience
  • Get support & information to navigate resources

Additionally, you have the option of filling an application with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) ( should you chose to pursue a claim of harassment and/or discrimination.